When Is It Not Okay To Leave Your Job and Save Your Family from a Hurricane?

The collective consciousness of America seems to agree on an answer, and it’s shocking.Hurricane Irma is threatening the Florida coastline. After the devastation wrought by Harvey, Floridians are taking their hurricane prep seriously. Most of the state is being evacuated, with workers leaving their jobs to prep their houses and get their family safely out of the storm’s path.

It would seem to be common sense that non-emergency personnel at all jobs be given time off to prepare, but there’s one meaningless job being postponed that is making people super angry.


There’s what appears to be a black hole bordering the East Coast, hurricanes are notoriously difficult to predict, and this is a huge one. But NFL fans are still insistent that the Tampa Bay – Miami game take place. The above tweets suggest moving the game back ONE DAY, simply because one weather site doesn’t predict the hurricane to touch base.

Listen, I am the biggest football fan. I even have my own fantasy football business, footballabsurdity.com . Still, I can totally understand that it would be better to let the players, personnel, and coaches take care of their homes and families than forcing them to play a game. The NFL agrees, having decided to postpone the game several months. But apparently NFL executives and I are in the minority:

NFL Irma

It’s not enough to force people to play a game while their homes are in jeopardy, people actually think that they should be dragged halfway across America to play it. I reached out to several sports commentators for hot, funny takes on the issue.

Fantasy writer Jeff Krisko stated, “They had no choice but to reschedule, it would be cruel to subject hurricane victims to the Dolphins.”

A football expert I met on Star Wars Galaxies, who goes only by the name “Muu,” said “It’s their job to play.” I feel like this is a statement against postponing the game, but it kind of supports the opposite argument, since everyone else with jobs is getting the day off.

It’s rare that real life interferes with sports or entertainment, so it can be easy to forget that family and safety take precedence. Still, I feel that complaining about the postponement of this game further dehumanizes players who are already thought of as meat puppets who exist solely to get concussions for our amusement.

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