Hollywood Has Officially Stopped Trying to Come up with New Ideas

There has been a glut of old TV shows coming back on the airwaves. Note that I don’t mean “reboots” or “continuations” like Star Trek or Doctor Who. No, I mean they are literally taking an off-the-air show and bringing it back with the same cast. While reboots and remakes are usually quite beloved, I have been on messageboards all morning trying to find one, just one, show that has been off the air then brought back on with any amount of success. Oh wait, Futurama and, to a much lesser extent, Family Guy. Fine, I can’t find one live action TV show that has come back to anything but jeers. Here’s a look at recent attempts:

The X-Files

X files reboot

I liked the tongue-in-cheek style of the remake, however it seemed to sour audiences and critics. This hasn’t stopped plans for another 6-episode series, expected to come out in late 2017.


Will and Grace

11 years off the air, they have brought back the sassy gay sitcom into a society which is far more accepting of same sex lifestyles. For starters, they will utterly ditch the odd series finale (which projected the characters’ lives 20 years in the future). No big changes have been announced, which makes me nervous that “sassy woman who actually owns her own business” will be stale on arrival.

Twin Peaks

The David Lynch masterpiece is currently enjoying a revival on Showtime. So far, critics have lavished praise upon the series. Still, it’s forever going to have a hole, as it should be impossible to recreate the TV-defining mystery of Laura Palmer’s murder.


Pretty much, Hollywood is always looking to cash in on a derivative idea. The once-popular concept of rebooting a series with an all new cast (Hawaii 5-0, Beverly Hills 90210) is starting to fizzle. So now, producers are reluctantly ponying up the dough needed to get the original actors from popular series. However, what is hit and miss is their ability to recreate the classic scriptwriting that brought these shows success. Thanks to Twin Peaks’ creators spending years developing stories for their reboot, the show seems to have legs. X-Files is teetering on the brink, despite having plots that are sort of good (and despite Gillian Anderson somehow managing to get hotter in the past 15 years). Not so sure about any of the other rebirths going on, however. Only time will tell.


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