11 Adorable Albino Animals

Rare white giraffes were recently spotted in Africa. This made me think of those adorable, de-pigmented freaks of the animal kingdom, albinos.

I found hundreds of pictures of albino animals. I then clicked “available for fair use” and I found 11. These almost-dozen are outlined below, as well as my oh-so-special takes on each of them.

Albino Alligators

An albino alligator. According to Wikipedia, the condition is caused by “Congenital absence of any pigmentation or coloration in a person, animal or plant, resulting in white hair and pink eyes in mammals.” Also according to Wikipedia, albino alligators have a tough time surviving, since they have no natural camouflage, just like a good-looking woman at a bar.

Albino Buffalo

Albinoism is not the only condition that can make light-furred buffalo. A white buffalo was considered sacred by many Native American tribes. This aberration occurs in only one out of every ten million births, not unlike the power to fly [source needed]

Albino Crabs

This albino crab lives in lava tubes in the Canary Islands. In addition to its pale complexion, it is also blind and relatively small. However, Charles Darwin did not make any record of how they taste.

Albino Deer

If anyone hunts this deer, it should only be worth half a point, or whatever. I don’t know how hunting is scored

Albino Frogs

On the one hand, this makes it more easily spotted by predators. On the other hand, I bet it could go “whoooo I’m a scary ghost frog” and scare off all but the heartiest of enemies

Albino Kangaroo

Just file this one under “run of the mill terrifying animals you see every day in Australia.”

Albino Pigeon

They resemble my car, after I parked under a tree full of pigeons

Albino Python

Red eyed, half white half sickly yellow. Yes, this snake is definitely hungover

Albino Rabbit

I guess the pink eyes are the tell, but how else would you know this rabbit is albino and not, you know, a totally normal-looking rabbit?

Albino Rat

All thes albino animals are cute except for the soul-sucking eyes

Albino Zebra

This is one time when an animal looks less weird than its non-albino counterpart. Plus he can sneak into horse meetings


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