13 Weird Celebrity Dog Names

We all know celebs like to give their kids bizarre, “look at me” monikers, but they also do this for their dogs.I did a lot of research, and did not just look at a Wikipedia page, no sir. Here are a baker’s dozen non-traditional names for the pet dogs of the rich and famous:

Coleman Hawkins — Eric Stonestreet, Mixed Breed

Eric Stonestreet

Hawkins was a jazz saxophonist. I don’t know who Eric Stonestreet his, so he is by definition less famous than his dog.


Dubois — Hilary Duff, Australian Shepherd

Blanche Dubois was the main character in A Streetcar Named Desire, even though Hilary Duff has never appeared in it (source: I googled “A Streetcar Named Desire” and “Hilary Duff” and read the first five links)


Emu — Miley Cyrus, Shetland Sheepdog


An Emu is a bird which is flightless, like a sheepdog, and unlike Cyrus riding a wrecking ball


Ghenghis Khan — Martha Stewart, Chow Chow


I’m going to assume the name was given because the dog humps everything


Gruden — Misty May-Treanor, Boxer

Misty May

May-Treanor has stated she named her dog after NFL coach/broadcaster Jon Gruden. Boxer would probably make a better color commentator than Dennis Miller did


Indo — Will Smith, Rottweiler

Will Smith

Probably named after weed, or whatever his son has been smoking on Twitter


Isaboo — Rachael Ray, Pit Bull


The cutest name for the cutest little pit bull that ever bit another dog’s ear


Matzoball — Adam Sandler, Bulldog


This is a genuinely cute name. If only Sandler was still as good writing scripts as he apparently is writing dog names


Meatloaf — Fergie and Josh Duhamel, Dachshund


Good name for a dog. Not so good for a cow, though


Mimi LaRue — Tori Spelling, Pug

Tori Spelling

Spelling’s pug passed away in 2008. Our thoughts and condolences go out to her. Also for her dad’s passing, too, I guess. Wow this “cute dog names” article took an unexpectedly dark turn


Oprah Winfree — 50 Cent, Miniature Schnauzer

50 Cent

If 50 cent could just train his dog to take out the garbage, he could stop having to get mad at his grandmother on Twitter


SheRa — Natalie Coughlin, Border Terrier

Natalie Coughlin

SheRa was the animated Princess of Power who, like Coughlin’s dog, rarely wore decent clothing


Thurman Murman — Rachael Bilson, Mixed Breed


Thurman Murman is the kid from the Bad Santa franchise. Rachel Bilson has never been in it, nor any other film worth merit. Sorry Rachel, but PROVE ME WRONG!


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