15 Bizarre Bean Bag Boards (People Are Paying $150+ for)

I like beanbag toss, or “cornhole,” as much as the next person. But why are people charging hundreds of dollars for something that just requires a saw, a can of varnish, and an old door?

Corn Board.jpg
A little on the nose. Or should I say ON THE EARS! I’ve just been informed that I’ve been fired.
What’s honestly cool about this one is that you can get your own picture put in there. What’s not cool is that the hole removes the Federal Reserve System seal!


Bud Light.jpg
Even these are $75!


Dinosaur Armageddon Cornhole boards.jpg
Why is the dinosaur wearing a hat? I’m starting to wonder if this whole “dinosaurs existed” thing is a hoax


I’m gonna get one with my wife’s name and one with my name, and have the most ironic 10th anniversary party, ever


I feel like these would be far better without the oddly not-funny text on the boards


Open mouth cornhole board.jpg
Ah, the oldest battle in history: Ostrich mouth versus meth mouth


As crass as the right image is, props to the artist for getting the angle of perspective correct


Owl Cornhole board.jpg
My pet peeve is that they never seem to incorporate the hole into the art. Why can’t the owl be repositioned so his eye is the hole? WHY?!


Totally on-theme for “non-nautical, completely overpriced fun!”


Scary Monkeys Cornhole Board.jpg
A great design, if you want your kids to never succumb to the temptations of the evil that is backyard beanbag tossing



Soup cornhole boards.jpg
They really missed their opportunity to parody the brand name as “Andy Warholes”



Space Shark and Laser Cat.jpg
I just wanted to put this in as a reminder that someĀ beanbag boards are worth their hefty price. There is hope for this world.


Trump cornhole boards.jpg
Alright, you used the hole correctly! That’s all I’m going to say on the hot button issue of Trump’s big, bean-bag-filled mouth


I feel like this one is needlessly specific. Also, who let zombies invade an island? Come on






















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