You won’t believe how much these 14 pairs of ugly baby shoes cost!

People love to spend to get THE BEST for their babies, and baby shoes want to take advantage of this before new parents figure out they’ll have to buy new shoes in a couple months.


1k nikes.jpg

This shoe is the pot of gold at the end of the dumb consumer rainbow




Amiley kids shoes.jpg


There’s some weird con going on here between Chinese manufacturers and rich, ignorant parents, but I can’t quite figure out how it works

Baby Air Jordans.jpg

I bought these for my kids, yet I still beat them in basketball


Baby Boots

We had to wear these at home when we waded through our driveway full of money




Because why should bows pop? That’s a baby who will get made fun of on the catwalk!


These shoes were crucial camouflage during the Candyland Wars


Because EVERY parent loves to fasten a bunch of straps every time they need their baby to walk somewhere


Sure it’s top dollar, but that’s premium leather!



Dragon foot baby shoes

I like to put these on my kids when they are sleeping, then convince them they turned into a dragon during naptime



This looks like when my kid ate every flavor of gummy bear, threw up, then stepped in it

Striped baby shoes

Great if your child aspires to be the most ostracized kid in the whole private school

Weird Golf looking baby shoes

Whether bowling or golfing, your baby shouldn’t do it, and the price point of these shoes emphasizes that


I want to chastise people using their babies as fashion statements, but I’m just glad weve moved on from “fashionable tiny dogs”

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